Best Lawn Mower Tips And Tricks For A Quicker Mowing Session

If you’ve been sniffing around lawn mower reviews trying to find a mower that will make your yard work easier, then don’t worry because you aren’t alone. All of us are looking for that one machine that will do everything but cut the grass by itself. Let’s face facts. No one likes mowing their lawn and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

However, whether you find that perfect machine that will enable you to spend more time away from your yard work doesn’t really matter. That’s because there are some things you can do right now to ensure that your mowing goes a lot quicker and is a lot easier to do. Here are some tips I use to get my yard work done in half the time. With or without a brand new mower.

Overlap Your Lines

The first thing you can do is to slightly overlap your lines as you mow. Place a mark on the side of your mower and use that as your “overlap position marker.” This will allow you to do it quickly and easily.

Don’t Cut Too Much

Another thing you can do to cut your mower time is to raise the height on your mower so that you are never cutting more than a third of the height of your grass. This is not only better for your grass, but it will also make it easier. Sure, you might cut more frequently but your mowing sessions will be a lot shorter, so you’ll actually save time in the long run.

Make Easy “Stripes”

Do you want your lawn to have that striped look but the edges of your lawn doesn’t have a straight edge? Well, all you have to do is cut straight down the middle of the grass and then cut lines on either side of it. Problem solved.

Don’t Get Caught Up On The Edges

It might be your first instinct to spend a lot of time cleaning up the edges of your lawn as you go. Well, that can be time consuming so you should really stop doing that. Instead, you should cut your grass as usual and then cut around the perimeter of the lawn when you are finished. This is not only quicker but will result in a more professional looking cut.

Cutting Damp Grass

You really shouldn’t cut damp grass, but sometimes there is no alternative. So if you have to do it, then make sure that you slow down. This will result in less clogging of the blades and will result in a faster mow.

Turn Up Your Height On Shady Areas

If there are some areas of your lawn that get less sun – and therefore don’t grow as fast – then raise the height of your mower one setting before you mow them. This is not only faster but will result in a more even looking lawn.

Inspect The Grass After Mowing

You should take a good look at your lawn after each mowing session. If the blades look frayed or broken or the grass has a silver sheen to it, then your mower blades are probably dull. Go ahead and sharpen them to make mowing faster and easier. Most experts recommend that mower blades get sharpened at least twice a season.

Change Directions

If your mower has a roller, then be sure to change the direction of your cut each time you mow your grass. This will not only keep the grass blades from being tamped down, but it will also make mower a whole lot faster.

Don’t Scalp Your Lawn

If you notice that there are some parts of your lawn that are getting “scalped” by the blades, then you should raise your mowing height for these areas. This will prevent you from having to start and stop, and it will also prevent damage to your blades.

Cut To The Proper Grass Height

You need to take into consideration which type of grass you have in order to cut it efficiently. If you have a warm season grass like Bermuda Grass, then you should cut it down to about an inch. On the other hand, if you have a cool season grass such as Rye or Bluegrass, then you should only cut it down to about 2-3 inches. Cutting the grass according to grass type will result in a more efficient cut and will make your lawn look a whole lot better.

Skip The Sharp Corners

Much like you did with the perimeter, you should avoid cutting the sharp corners of your grass on your first go-round. Instead, round off the corners and do them all at once, after you have finished mowing. That allows you to deal with them all at the same time and not at ever turn.

Avoid Rows

Some people won’t like this tip but I will list it anyway. It involves cutting your grass in a series of spiral patterns instead of in rows. In a recent Popular Mechanics article, it was show that the quadruple spiral was the most efficient lawn cutting pattern. You divide your lawn into four quadrants and then cut in a spiral patter for each corner. This reduces sharp turns and reduces the amount of steps you need to take drastically.

Get A New Mower

Sometimes your old mower simple doesn’t cut your grass effectively. That is when you need to check lawn mower reviews and buy yourself a better lawn mower. In fact, this may be the best tip I can give you.