Caring For Your Lawn During The Spring And Summer Seasons

Some of the best lawn mower tips I have ever received were from lawn experts who taught me not only how to properly use my lawn mower, but also how to work it into an integrated strategy to keep my lawn looking healthy all year round. What they taught me was that my mower was only one tool in my arsenal and that I needed to do more than just mow properly to take proper care of my grass.

The tips that I received from these lawn experts literally changed my life. Once I started implementing their suggestions into my lawn care regimen, I realized that not only did my lawn look better but that my mowing was a whole lot easier to accomplish. Today, I am going to be sharing with you these same tips that were shared with me. In this first part, I am going to be sharing with you my tips for spring and summer lawn care. I hope these tips will make your yard work all that much simpler to do and results in your grass looking the best it can look.


Spring is the time of the year when you start getting your lawn ready for the growing season. Following these steps will result in a more resilient and better looking lawn.

Fertilize: You should purchase a good fertilizer with plenty of nitrogen in it to encourage a strong grass growth. There are many packages out there that work great, as long as you follow the directions on the package.

Water: If the last few months of spring was dry, then you might need to help your lawn out by watering it. On the other hand, if you have had an extremely wet spring, then don’t give your grass any extra water to prevent drowning it.

Mowing: Check lawn mower reviews and purchase the best mower possible. After you’ve done that, then cut the grass on a regular basis. Make sure that when you mow the lawn the first couple of times that you have your mower on the highest setting possible. After these first few cuts, then you can cut according to your recommended grass height.

Remove Thatch: Remove any dead grass (called thatch) from your lawn. You can use either a rake or a device called a scarifier. The choice is up to you.

Aerate: Make sure that you aerate your lawn. This can be done with a lawn fork or a lawn spike. Aerating your lawn will allow air to get to the grass roots and will result in a healthier grow.


Summer is the time of the year when your lawn is usually the most stressed due to lack of water and heat. You can help your grass endure this tough time of the year by following these steps:

Fertilizer: If necessary, you can give your lawn one more dose of fertilizer during the summer. But only if rainfall is predicted. Fertilizer during dry or hot weather can scorch the lawn so be careful.

Water – Water as necessary

Mowing: Cut the grass 1-2 times a week max. If the weather is extremely dry or hot, then try to cut the grass as little as possible to prevent stressing it even more.

Weeding: Make sure that you weed the lawn on a regular basis. Do this by removing the entire weed, roots and all, from the ground. If the weeds are small or widespread, then you might have to use an herbicide to get rid of them.

This concludes my guide on lawn care for the spring and summer months. You can continue on to my guide on the fall and winter months for tips on maintaining your lawn for these seasons.