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Craftsman 37430 – 21 Inch 140cc Gas Powered 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower Review

I have always been a fan of Craftsman products for as long as I can remember. Which shouldn’t be too surprising since one of the first lawn mowers I ever used, as a teenager, was a Craftsman. So needless to say, I was pretty anxious to review the Craftsman 37430 21 Inch 140cc Briggs and Stratton Gas Powered 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower.

The first thing that I noticed about this lawn mower was how easy it was to assemble. Basically, I just had to extend the handle, guide the lawn mower pull starter through, add a couple of bolts and do a simple adjustment and it was ready to go – well, except for gas and oil, of course. Which is what I did next.

Adding the gas was no problem because the gas cap was very easy to remove, almost too easy. Which is something that would give me a little bit of a problem later, as you’ll soon see. Before I get to that, however, I want to talk about the oil dipstick. It was not what I had hoped it to be.

I can tell you right now that some people are going to have a problem with putting oil in this lawn mower. It even took me a few moments and I’m a professional. The problem is that the dipstick is placed in a difficult to reach area. It’s behind the muffler and under the blower housing. This location makes it difficult to unscrew it so you can put oil in it. Especially if you have big sausage fingers like I do. It’s just something to be aware of as you are considering this lawn mower.

However, that is pretty much where most of my problems ended. The Craftsman 37430 21 Inch 140cc Briggs and Stratton Gas Powered 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower started on the first pull for me and ran really well. I had let my yard get a little bit overgrown so I could really put this mower to the test and it had no problem cutting the grass.

This mower is made of steel but is still pretty lightweight. Which is a good thing because it’s a push mower and not a self-propelled one. Nonetheless, it was easy to push around my yard, even up that hill I have that I hate to mow. Sure, it’s not as easy to push as a self-propelled one but it wasn’t too difficult either – probably because it had those big rear wheels to help provide a little traction.

I also really liked the fact this lawn mower had 6 point adjustment on the wheels. Which is something that you don’t get to see every day. This gave me a lot of options when it came to cutting my lawn. However, I did have a problem with the gas cap when I was cutting under some of my hedges. The top of my hedge knocked off my gas cap. It would have been nice if the gas cap fit on this mower just a little bit tighter.

A feature that I really liked though is that I had 3 different ways to cut: I could mulch the grass, I could use the side discharge or I could put the bag on it and use the rear discharge. And the bag was very easy to put on and remove, which is something that I really like.

All things considered, I think that the Craftsman 37430 21 Inch 140cc Briggs and Stratton Gas Powered 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower is one of the better mowers out there on the market. Sure, it has a few design flaws, but these aren’t deal breakers for me. However, they are something to think about, especially if you have problems bending over or stooping.

9.2 Total Score
Bottom Line

Just easy to assemble, use, adjust and store. It starts easily, too and is fairly quiet compared to others, and at the end it provides a good cut. Would definitely recommend it.

Ease of Use
  • Easy to start
  • Bag is easy to remove
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Height adjust with one hand
  • Difficult oil access
  • Gas cap comes off too easily
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