Getting Your Lawn Mower Ready For Winter Storage

One thing that I have really learned from reading people’s comments in the comment sections of many lawn mower reviews is that there continues to be some people who don’t practice proper winter storage for their mowers. They don’t seem to realize that properly storing a mower for the winter season can mean the difference between a running mower in the spring and a mower that is heading to the repair shop. Proper winter maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to keep your mower running properly. So without further ado, let’s take a few moments to learn what “proper winter maintenance really means.

Remove the battery

One of the first things you’ll want to do before your store your mower for the winter is to remove the battery if your mower has one. That’s not only because a connected battery loses its charge faster than an unconnected one, but also so that it doesn’t corrode the battery cables.

After you remove the battery make sure you store it in a cool dry place that is away from gasoline, your water heater or your furnace. Remove the negative cable from the battery first and then remove the positive cable. After you’ve done that you should then wipe the battery off with a clean cloth. Also be sure that you clean the battery terminals off with a wire brush and apply a good coating of petroleum jelly to the terminals to keep them from corroding. Now the battery can be safely put away.

Use A Fuel Stabilizer

You don’t want to leave untreated fuel in your lawn mower. If you do, it can create a varnish like substance that can clog your carburetor. That is why it is important to either use a fuel stabilizer or completely remove old fuel from your mower before you put it away for winter.

If you opt to use a fuel stabilizer, then be sure that you use it correctly. You should follow all directions on the label and all of your mower manufacturer’s guidelines.

Clean Debris Off Of Mower

Make sure you remove all mud, grass and leaves from your mower’s undercarriage. Before removing all of this debris, then be sure to disconnect your spark plug to avoid any potential accidents.

Find A Home For Your Mower

Now you can find a place to store your lawn mower. Be sure to place it in a location that is dry and will protect it from the weather. Someplace like your basement, shed or garage.

And that concludes the best lawn mower practices for proper winter maintenance. Follow these simple steps and you can count on your mower working for you for many seasons to come. Proper winter maintenance will go a long way in keeping your mower running properly.