Maintenance Tips For Your Mower

One of the biggest complaints that people have about their lawn mowers is the complaint that they don’t feel their mowers last as long as they should. That may be due to the fact that many people don’t properly read lawn mower reviews before they run out and purchase one, but it may also be due to the fact that many people don’t practice proper mower maintenance. A little bit of maintenance really goes a long way to keep a mower running to the best of its efficiency.

In order to help my readers keep their mowers running their best, I have decided to write this article on proper mower maintenance. If you follow this guide, you will not only get more out of your mower but it will come a whole lot closer to its maximum life expectancy.

Read The Manual

I know that I have mentioned this in several articles I have written, but that’s because it is one of the most important steps in keeping your mower running its best. Your manual not only gives you proper operating procedures for your brand of mower, but most importantly tells you what you need to do to keep it in good working order.

Change Your Air Filter

Your air filter is one of the most important things on your mower to change regularly. A clean air filter keeps debris from entering your carburetor and damaging your engine. Your air filter needs to be changed after every 24 hours of operation or at least once every mowing season.

Check Oil

Most people know that they need to change the oil in their car every 3 months, but they don’t realize that the oil in their lawn mower also needs to be changed on a regular basis. After every 50 hours of use, be sure to check your oil and replace it if necessary.

Check Spark Plug

The spark plugs need to be checked and replaced on a regular basis. Usually this depends on the model of mower that you own (so you should check your manual), but many experts agree that it should be changed at least once per season.

Check The Blade

It is vital that you check the blades on your mower on a regular basis. The blade should be checked at the beginning of each mowing season. If after inspection you notice that the blade is broken or dented, then you should replace it immediately. You should also make sure that the blade is well balanced and sharp.

Follow these tips and you will be amazed at not only how well your mower runs but also how long it lasts.