Poulan Pro 960420206 Briggs 24 hp Automatic Hydrostatic Riding Mower, 54″ Review

Up for my review, is the Poulan Pro 960420186 Briggs 24-hp Automatic Hydrostatic Riding Mower 54″. It’s a lawn tractor that I’ve been looking forward to reviewing for quite some time. After all, who doesn’t love to ride around on these things as they cut their grass? Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of it.

While it didn’t present me with too much of a problem, I did notice that they way it was created might pose a problem to some people. It did require some effort. In other words, they may find it hard to unpack. However, once it’s out, then it’s actually pretty easy to get it up and running.

After I had it all setup, I then proceeded to get on it and start it. I immediately took notice that it started right away. I didn’t need to prime it, it just started. I’m sure that’s thanks to its Ready-Start Starting System – a system which evidently works very well.

I have a pretty large piece of property and I had let it get a little high just so I could test out the Poulan Pro 960420186 Briggs 24-hp Automatic Hydrostatic 54” Riding Mower – as I do with all my reviews. Sometimes that results in frustration when the mower can’t do its job, but that wasn’t the case today. Nope, it handled even my tall, wild grasses very well and did a beautiful job of cutting it. It’s 54” deck is vented so it allows air underneath as I mow these taller grasses and I think that makes all of the difference. If air is obstructed under the deck, then that can result in a messier cut. However, I don’t think anyone will have that problem with this lawn tractor.

Another thing that I liked about this riding mower is that it’s easy to adjust on the fly. Some of the older riding mowers you had to stop to make speed adjustments. Not with this baby, however! As I able to make speed adjustments and not lose time in doing so.

I was also able to get pretty close to my fence and the white oak trees in my yard. Sure, I wasn’t able to cut as close to them, as say a mower with a zero-turn radius but it did get pretty close. It was easier to cut close to my trees than it had been with some of the push mowers I’ve owned over the years.

Another thing that really impressed me about the Poulan Pro 960420186 Briggs 24-hp Automatic Hydrostatic 54” Riding Mower is that it cut the grass on my property pretty quickly and I’m on a few acres. I didn’t time exactly how quickly I finished it (I was having too good of a time) but it was quicker than a lot of other riding mowers I’ve used. If there were anything I’d change about it, I’d add a forward cruise control. Not that it really needs it. After all, it’s already really easy to drive and that would probably just make it too easy to drive. However, I really can’t think of anything else I’d change about it.

8.6 Total Score
Bottom Line

It's well built, pretty quick and handles a variety of different terrains well. It also starts quickly, cuts the grass well and is a joy to use. I think it's well worth its money.

Ease of Use
  • Powerful 24-hp Briggs & Stratton Overhead Valve Engine
  • Starts easily & quickly
  • Handles a lot of different terrain types
  • Great for large areas of grass
  • Hard to uncrate
  • Could use a forward cruise-control
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