Snapper XD SXDWM82K 82V Cordless 21-Inch Walk Mower Review

The Snapper XD SXDWM82K 82V Cordless 21-Inch Walk Mower is an electric lawnmower I was happy to include in my cordless lawn mower reviews—primarily because it’s a Snapper mower and usually mowers from this brand are high-quality. Fortunately, this mower wasn’t an exception to that rule.

This mower had a nice 21-inch steel deck, 2-2 Ah Batteries, 1 rapid charger, had a large push start button, a 1.6-bushel bag and is a 3-in-1 mower—which means it can bag, side discharge the cuttings or mulch them. So far, so good.

This mower also had “load sensing technology” which changed the speed of the blades according to how much resistance they come across. For example, if you’re cutting fine grass, then the blades will move slower than if you are cutting through thick grass. This saves much-needed battery juice and yet gives the mower the power it needs to overcome tough jobs.

As I continued to use this electric lawn mower, I noticed that while it was powerful and easily cut through the grasses I tasked it with cutting, it was a little bit heavier than other electric cordless mowers I’ve reviewed. In fact, this mower weighs about twice as much as some of the electric ones I reviewed not that long ago. Not a real big deal, but something to consider.

Another thing worth considering is the battery life of this mower. Each 2 Ah battery delivers about 20-25 minutes of cutting time. So if you use both of them, then you’ll probably get the 45 minutes of cutting time this mower is often advertised as having.

The last thing I want to comment on is this electric lawnmowers price. It’s considerably more expensive than some of the other cordless models on the market today. At least it was at the time of this review. Just another thing to consider before purchasing.

Overall, I think the Snapper XD 82V Cordless 21-Inch Walk Mower is a pretty good lawn mower. It’s powerful, durable and can cut the grass in a variety of different ways. Sure, it’s heavier and more expensive than other models, but those things shouldn’t overshadow this well-designed product.

8.8 Total Score
Bottom Line

Overall, I think this mower is a pretty good lawn mower. It's powerful, durable and can cut the grass in a variety of different ways.

Ease of Use
  • Quality Made
  • Fairly Powerful
  • 3-In-1 Design
  • 21-Inch Mowing Deck
  • Heavier than Other Electric Cordless Mowers
  • More Expensive than Comparable Mowers
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