Summer Lawn Care

Lawn mower reviews can tell you a lot about your mower, but they don’t tell you how to properly use it. That is why I am writing this article on summer lawn care today. This guide is intended to tell you how to keep your lawn looking good throughout the hot and dry summer months. A time of the year that is the hardest on your grass than any other time of the year.

Below are some tips that will not only keep your grass alive and healthy but will make your lawn a field of dreams. Follow these tips and your neighbors are sure to be green with envy at your beautiful and well groomed yard.

Plan Your Mowing

You should always make sure that you plan out your mowing before hand so that you don’t have to constantly switch from your mower to your other yard tools. For example, you might want to do all of the mowing first and then switch to your trimmer to finish up the border of the yard.

Make A Wide Border

Start with mowing a collar around your yard. The first thing you should do is cut the outside edges of your yard so that you can keep things all nice and neat.

Don’t Cut The Grass Too Short

Cutting the grass too short can strain the root system of your grass and result in ugly brown patches and ruts. Cutting the grass too short can also help weed seeds get more sunlight and sprout. Therefore, you should always cut the grass to the recommended height as determined by your grass type.

Take Your Time

You should never rush mowing your yard. This is true whether the grass is wet or dry. Trying to hurry up and cut the grass can result in an uneven cut and can also result in clumps of poorly mulched trimmings.

Keep Focused

Most people look down at their mower as they are mowing, which is a mistake. To keep an even cut, you should look about 10 feet in front of your mower instead of staring straight down. It will help you keep your mowing lines straight.

Try Mulching

I know a lot of people bag their trimmings, but I think a better solution is to mulch the trimmings. Mulching feeds nutrients back into the grass and results in a much better looking lawn.

Alternate Your Mowing

Changing your mowing pattern each week will help your grass grow stronger and straighter. One week, mow horizontally across your yard and the next week, mow vertically across your yard,.

These are the best lawn mower tips I can give you for maintaining a beautiful lawn all summer long. Follow these seven steps and your lawn will be lush, green and strong, even through the hottest summer months.